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Perhaps you've heard about it... a website that is giving out flatscreen televisions and computer monitors for no cost at all... for free. It sounds too good to be true. Is it a hoax?

Nope, it's not a hoax, and you have just found the only place on the net that offers a step-by-step tutorial that helps you cash in on this program. We're here to help you get your own free flatscreen TV and monitor!

Welcome to the FFS Guide! Head on over to the FFS Guide's famous Instruction Manual and learn how you can get started!

Samsung 15" LCD TV Samsung 17" LCD Monitor Sony 19" LCD Monitor Sony 27" Trinitron WEGA Flat-Screen TV Toshiba 24" TV/VCR/DVD Combo

News/Recent Site Updates:


PetChews Offer

The FreeFlatScreens program now has the PetChews offer, a popular offer that customers have received credit for in only one or two days. To successfully complete this offer, simply order a seven-day trial of PetChews, a tasty meat flavored treat that enhances your dog or cat's health when taken on a daily basis, and pay only $5.95 for shipping and handling. To prevent being added to their autoship program and incurring additional charges, simply cancel your trial by contacting their Customer Service or by calling toll-free 1-(800)-515-1070.

The FFS Guide has received a few e-mails about the "Special Event" mentioned last week. We aren't releasing any more details as of yet, so keep checking back every day! We promise that this even will be huge!


NetMagazines Offer; FFS Guide Special Event (Coming Soon!)

One of the newer offers to trickle in within the last few weeks is NetMagazines. With all of the most popular magazines at your fingertips, you are bound to find something that you will enjoy, so receiving credit should be a snap! Simply purchase subscriptions to any five magazines for only $30! What a great deal!

One more thing... keep your eyes peeled for another special event coming up here at the FFS Guide! Half a year ago, we had great success offering a bonus to those who donated to the FFS Guide. This time, look out for more great bonuses, plus some awesome prizes! So tell your friends, tell your family, and stay tuned, because this event will be sure to make a "splash"!


New Pictures

My apologies for the small amount of downtime that we had. To make up for it, head on over to the Evidence page and check out the recent additions: pictures of some lucky fellows' 27" Sony television and 17" Samsung monitor. Congratulations on receiving your flat screens!

Also keep your eyes peeled for the Lifederma offer, one of the newer offers in the FreeFlatScreens line-up that featuring a trial for their wrinkle diminishing cream.


New Flat Screen Monitor and New Offers!

In what is unquestionably the biggest recent update to the FreeFlatScreens program, Gratis Internet has added and is now offering the 19" Sony STYLEPro SDM-S93/B to its lineup of free flat screen TVs and monitors. (The Sony STYLEPro is the third flatscreen displayed on the right.) The 19" Sony STYLEPro boasts a flat panel display/TFT active matrix, a maximum resolution of 1280 x 1024, a response time of 25 ms, and a 600:1 contrast ratio. With a three-year manufacturer's warranty included, this 19" Sony flat screen monitor will certainly spark new interest in completing the FreeFlatScreens program.

And as usual, new offers are always occasionally creeping into the FreeFlatScreens program. Notable new offers include the Disney Movie Club and a free trial of the Appéra Teeth Whitening System.


More Great New Offers in the FreeFlatScreens Program

As you may have noticed, yesterday, Gratis Internet added a bar at the top of the FreeFlatScreens website that has, among other things, links to their corporate website and to their Testimonials and Press Release page. There should now no longer be any more doubts about the legitimacy of the program after reading through the FFS Guide and Gratis' own site!

Three of the newer offers introduced into the FreeFlatScreens program are Great Fun, NetMarket, and Buyers Advantage, all of which are great deals!

For just $1, you can get a one-month membership to Great Fun, where you have great discounts on dining, entertainment, travel, car care, shopping, and more. As a Great Fun member, you will save when shopping at Dell Computers, The Sharper Image, Linens 'n Things, New York & Co., Jiffy Lube Centers, Gold’s Gym, Planet Hollywood, Pizza Hut, and many more stores. The list of participating businesses is enormous! Plus, just for signing up, you will get a pair of free Audiovox Walkie Talkies. If, after receiving credit for the offer, you no longer want to remain a member of Great Fun and pay their monthly fees, just call toll-free 1-800-290 8603 and you will be charged nothing. The Walkie Talkies are yours to keep!

Also for just $1 is a one-month membership to NetMarket, an online superstore that brings you thousands of TVs, videogames, digital cameras, fitness equipment, beauty products, and more, all at huge discounts! As a member, you can get 3.5% Netmarket Cash back, up to a 2-Year Extended Warranty, and a 200% Low Price Guarantee on your purchases! By completing this offer, your account will be credited instantly! To prevent your credit card from being charged monthly fees, simply cancel by calling toll-free 1-888-696-2753.

Completing the BuyersAdvantage offer will also instantly credit your FreeFlatScreens account. Become a one-month member of BuyersAdvantage for just $1 and grab hold of their special deals: all of your purchases will get three full years of warranty coverage from date of purchase; additionally, BuyersAdvantage will reimburse you 20% of any repair costs you might pay on many of the items in your home, regardless of how old the item is, or how you paid for it; their New Purchase Price Protection safeguards you against price fluctuations, sudden sales, or other eligible price reductions on new purchases. Plus, just for signing up, you will get a free $20 gift card to Circuit City! After receiving credit for the offer, you may call toll-free 1-800-553-4948 to cancel and not be charged any monthly fees.

It is worth noting that NetMarket, BuyersAdvantage, and Travelers Advantage (from the previous update) are all part of the Trilegiant Corporation, a large, reputable network of member-based sites dedicated to providing travel, shopping, health, dental, entertainment, and consumer protection services.

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So, How Do I Get a Free Flatscreen?

(Pictured on this page: Samsung 15" LCD TV/Monitor, Samsung 17" LCD Monitor, Sony 19" LCD Monitor, Sony 27" Trinitron WEGA Flat-Screen TV, Toshiba 24" TV/VCR/DVD Combo)

Interested in how you can get your hands on one? Here is an overview:

  1. Open an account at FreeFlatScreens.com.
  2. Complete a 20-second survey.
  3. Check your email and click the verification link that is sent to you to confirm your account.
  4. Complete an offer provided by one of FreeFlatScreen's affiliates.
  5. Get some of your friends to join.
  6. Have your flatscreen TV or monitor delivered!

Again, this is just an overview. For a step-by-step tutorial of the process, be sure to check out FFS Guide's famous Instruction Manual!